Sunday, November 1, 2009

Phoenix's solo in the choir concert.

Rowan dancing in Annie's shoes



This is the face Rowan pulls when you say, "Smile!"
Rowan and her friend Lily, Sam and Tonya's daughter reading.
Rowe and Lily

Alan's Birthday Party

This is what happens when you blow the candles out on a cake that has chocolate shavings on top!
Blowing out the candles
The family!
McKenzie and Annie holding Alan's birthday present.

Alan and his best friend Gregg.
Rowan in her mama's shoes.

Alan and Gregg
The greatest homemade meal I have ever attempted. Garlic bread with melted Gruyere cheese, roasted red potatoes with orange peppers, salad, and chicken cordon bleu with gruyere and prociutto! A huge thank you to Andrew Mason and David Dexter Nelson who assisted me in learning how to make this fabulous dinner.
The whole family, Rowan, Alan, Myself, Phoenix, McKenzie, Annie, and Emily.
Alan and Annie

Alan and Gregg.
20+ years later and still playing chess on the porch!

Little Brother Swen's Swearing In

Rowan and Ella playing
Swen's little darling, my niece, Ella.

Rowan and Uncle Swenie
Sweners and Gege.
Rowan and her Uncle Dan (Havalah's husband)
Rowan's "smile"
Rowan at Malea's House
We had a blast in Utah going to visit my family. Alan, Rowan, and I drove down there for 4 days. We were able to stay with Andy and his family in their new house in Springville. Even though it is in Springville we are still totally HAPPY for his family to have such a beautiful home! Swen is now officially a lawyer! We were also lucky enough to see my mom while we were there since she flew in from DC!

Family trip to Anderson Island to see Alan's Sister Jeannie and her husband Bruce. Phoenix's best friend, McKenzie came with us.

Best friends.
Emily, Annie, and two teenage girls texting.
Alan being a monkey.
Emily, Rowan, Uncle Bruce

Annie, Phoenix, and McKenzie
Rowan and daddy swinging.
McKenzie and Rowan swinging.

McKenzie's face painting.
Bruce and Annie.
The whole gang. Jeannie, Annie, Alan, Rowe, me, McKenzie, and Phoenix. (Bruce was taking the picture)
Annie and her dad :) with some silly smile.

Yummy fresh cider! Bruce and Annie
Yummy apples at the apple festival!
McKenzie and Phoenix

Emily's face painting.
Rowan's "smile"!
Rowan's first face painting.
Annie and Rowan in front of the apple press.
Phoenix, McKenzie, and Emily on a hay ride.
Jeannie, Mckenzie, and Phoenix